About Us

Schafer Metals (formally known as Schafer and Company) has been representing manufacturers, distributing, and manufacturing copper, steel, aluminum, and zinc building products since 1976.

Born and raised in Colorado, we are an independent, family-owned company. Our second-generation owner / operators are focused on expanding our capabilities and modernizing our manufacturing methods to ensure we can offer comprehensive metal roofing solutions and top level service to our loyal customer base at the best prices possible.

We purchase direct from North American steel and copper mills. We have a physical warehouse, sales floor, and manufacturing plant located in Denver, Colorado and a sales floor and distribution center in Glenwood Springs to serve Colorado's mountain towns.

Schafer Metals ships nationally through our e-commerce site - scmetals.com - and will set-up custom deliveries for larger orders. For our Colorado customers, we run our own trucking service that delivers throughout the state on a weekly basis. Customers are always welcome to call or stop by our physical locations to speak with our experienced staff.