World Gutter Copper Elbow
World Gutter Copper Elbow Diagram

Euro-Style Copper Elbows

Degree Bend
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Seamless smooth elbows, 3" and 4" available in 45, 72 and 85 degree bends. All elbows formed from 18oz copper.

These copper elbows have an invisible and very strong weld where the edges are butted up against one another and are then precisely welded. Not only is the fit of our elbows the best in the industry, but our very popular 72 Degree elbow is uniquely designed so that the male end will fit tightly into a piece of “cut” downspout as well as fitting beautifully into the female end of a length of downspout or of another elbow.

World Gutter products are not compatible with Berger components - call with questions on system compatibility and see product comparison worksheet.

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