World Gutter Downspouts Mounting Brackets
Copper Downspout Mounting Bracket | 3" and 4" Diameter

Copper Downspout Mounting Bracket | 3" and 4" Diameter

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Copper Downspout Mounting Bracket - These copper mounting brackets have a swing-gate strap. Allowing for easy installation and mounting of copper euro-style downspout. Also know as "monkey collar" brackets. 

The downspout bracket screws are made to screw securely into brick, stone, stucco, wood, and more. The mounting screw is attached to the bracket using a hidden nut. Both the nut and the screw are removable, thus the same bracket can be used for either stand-off mounting or true flush mounting of the downspout.

d= downspout size

Available for both 3" and 4" downspout.

World Gutter products are not compatible with Berger components - call with questions on system compatibility and see product comparison worksheet.



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