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Raychem is thought of as the "original" and most widely known self-regulating ice melt cable. Wintergard Wet is a self-regulating, meaning the power draw automatically changes based on the ambient temperature, ie. more power is used as the temperature gets colder. No overheating possible. Often spec'd by builders and architects on commercial, industrial and government applications. Available in 120v and 240v ratings, and provides 6w/ LF @ 40 deg Fahrenheit. Power output ranges from 10w / LF to less than 2w / LF depending on temperatures.

Please reference circuit sizing guide for permissible run lengths.

Two year product warranty available, maintenance free service life.

Pricing and quantity is per LF (Linear Foot)

Supporting Material
Circuit sizing guide

Circuit Sizing Guide - 6W Raychem heat cable

Raychem Circuit Length Guide

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